WP5 Results: Itinerant public awareness campaigns

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“The sustainable station”: Itinerant public awareness campaigns in Spain, France and Portugal
June 21, 2019 09:17

Taking advantage of the partners competences and using the stations as incomparable spaces for displaying the panels and publicity materials, an itinerant  exhibition   is being showed off to raise awareness on the need of improving energy efficiency on the way to a reduction both in energy consumption and GHG emissions in the city centers.

Under the motto “Discover a sustainable station”, itinerant public exhibitions are travelling across the Sudoe territory displaying panels with the results of  Sudoe Stop CO2

The use of stations, visited by thousands of travelers every day, as public stages for the exhibition, will guarantee its visibility and impact on the citizens.

The exhibition is being displayed in Bordeaux St Jean (SNCF), Cartagena, Santander, Torrelavega and Lisboa Entrecampos and, very soon, it will be showed off in several other stations such as Porto, Alicante or Santa Pola.