Last tecnical meeting in Santander

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Sum up and last steps of the project
June 14, 2019 09:11

Tuesday 11th of June, STOP CO2's partners made the trip to meet up and have a work session in Santander. The meeting took place in the bus station of the city and adressed different topics linked with the executiono of the project. 

From 9.30 AM, CETENMA  presented the network and it's future. TIPEE took the relay, and informed over the BIM (Building Information Modeling) and the results of it. ALEC, right before the break, ended with the itinerant exposition, important communication tool for the project. 

Bakc to work, the team followed with the advises from the transversal work groups. CTL and TBUSCAN did so answer the uncertainties over management, communication or evaluation of the project. 

The meeting ended with the last actions to set up in order to give the best conclusion to STOP CO2

The day concluded with the last details  for the next day final event (cf. art: "Final results event" of 06/13/2019)